Introducing SlideSync, the new webcast platform

Easily manage your webcast with the powerful and intuitive backend. You're just a few clicks away from your world-wide live event.


Easy to use

Start without prior training. Just 5 simple steps to publish your live webcast. Add media via drag and drop and quickly share the event with your audience.

Sophisticated technology

Runs on all modern devices – be it smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Built on the latest web technologies. Proven security and data protection.

Flexible production options

Work with your computer's built-in camera or attach professional hardware. Start a small webcast or do a large-scale production for a global audience.

Powerful user interface

Interact with your audience. Let users ask question during your webcast. Start a poll. Participants can scroll through your presentation, use a powerful full-text search, jump between chapters and resize the layout as required. And everything remains in sync.

Simple pricing

Competitive and flexible payment options. Choose between pay-as-you-go or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Fully customizable

Choose from our standard designs or get a fully customized set of templates for your organization. Require users to register with any data you need or let everyone join anonymously. Adjust any setting organization-wide according to your policies.


0.08€/attendee minute

  • Minimum purchase €200
  • 500 parallel attendees


0.16€/attendee minute

  • Minimum purchase €400
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Phone support during business hours
  • Dedicated event support



  • 500 parallel attendees
  • 10,000 attendee minutes included
  • 500 storage minutes included
  • €0.02 overage per minute



  • 1,000 parallel attendees
  • 50,000 attendee minutes included
  • 2,500 storage minutes included
  • €0.02 overage per minute
  • Attendee registration
  • Password protection
  • Attendee Q & A
  • Embedding
  • MBR / HD with Transcoding
  • Phone support during business hours



  • Unlimited attendees
  • 100,000 attendee minutes included
  • 5,000 storage minutes included
  • €0.02 overage per minute
  • All Premium features
  • Use external encoding software
  • Backup ingest
  • Multiple languages


Contact us
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Custom solution
  • All Professional features
  • Enterprise Access Restrictions
  • Dedicated event support

All plans include

Live events
On demand events
Stream and record with your webcam
No installation
Email support
Webcast, Audiocast and Slidecast
Custom branding, ad-free
Layout editor
Preview mode
Embedding social media
Synchronized slides
Searchable slides
Support for mobile devices
Document upload
Multiple backend users
Regional ingest EU / US / APAC
Custom design work (billed separately)
SubscriptionPay as you go
Attendee registration
Attendee Q & A
MBR / HD with Transcoding
Use external encoding software
Backup ingest
Multiple languages
Enterprise Access Restrictions
Email support
Phone support during business hours
Dedicated event support
Add-ons are €200 per month each.
Event support pricing is tailored to the specific requirements of your event.
Minimum of attendee minutes charged. See FAQ below for details.

Frequently asked questions

Is the 30-day trial really free?

Yes. No credit card is required and there is no way to incur any overage.

Are there any extra costs for bandwidth / storage / fees?


How can I track my usage?

The billing page shows your past and current usage.

What's the difference between attendee and storage minutes?

Attendee minutes are used for live content. Storage minutes are used for on demand content.

How many minutes will you charge for live transcoding?

We charge a minimum of 10 attendee minutes per minute when using live transcoding. For events with more than 10 concurrent attendees, no additional charge will be incurred from activating live transcoding. For the Basic subscription plan, this minimum is reduced to 1 attendee minute per minute.

Like what you see?

Get started with free trial account.
No credit card required. Cancel at any time.




Embed your events into your corporate website or social networks


Improved reporting and statistics (e.g. PDF export)

Multilingual events

Stream your event in multiple languages at the same time

Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Scalable streaming delivery within the corporate network

Upcoming features

Speak by phone

Multiple speakers can dial into one SlideSync event via regular phones


Create live streams from within your browser without 3rd party plugins and screen sharing


Create your own templates

Low-latency, high quality video

  • Multiple speakers in a live conference
  • Live Transcoding – reach all devices with one input stream

Additional billing methods

Pay via Credit card or PayPal


Invitation management

Customize your invitations, send them out in batches and track who attended

Custom registration fields

Extend our built-in registration forms with additional data that's relevant for your event

Polls and surveys

Survey your audience before, during and after the event

Video conference ingest

Use video conferencing systems as streaming sources

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